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"I highly recommend PunchSlide Design to all speakers and businesses who deliver presentations and webinars. They are absolutely the top - niche experts in reinventing your content into engaging slides that will powerfully showcase your message and captivate your audience. I am very impressed with their creativity, skills and professionalism - I HIGHLY recommend them!"


America's Reinvention Expert, Keynote Speaker, NY Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Podcast Magazine, The New Media Summit, The Reinvention Workshop

“PunchSlide Design did a complete redesign of one of my Keynote presentations and they went to create a design that provided a lasting impression! My audience was in AWE over the imagery and meaning behind pictures, animation and style. So much so that the audience took pictures and posted pictures all over Twitter and LinkedIn during my entire 90 min presentation. I highly endorse and recommend PunchSlide for all of your presentation needs for speakers, coaches, trainers, etc. Don't wait!”


CEO / Founder of Vengreso, Keynote Speaker, #1 in the Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders, Forbes Contributor, Modern Sales Evangelist

"When I saw that some of my respected colleagues had used PunchSlide Design’s work I took a closer look. Man, I’m glad I did! For a very reasonable fee, they completely upgraded the look of my presentation and brought it into a new era. I’ve tested it with 3 different audiences now and all of them have commented on how great my slides are. They want their presentations to look as good as mine. Now I’m no longer the guy with the old-style slides. PunchSlide Design is great to work with."

​Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, TEDx top 1%, Founder of Cathcart Institute Inc, Bestselling Author of 24 books, #7 Global Sales Guru

​"I have been delighted by the exceptional work of PunchSlide Design in significantly upgrading the visuals and magic of webinar and stage presentations. PunchSlide Design is creative, attentive to detail, responsive to deadlines, and brilliant at client service. The style is current, visually engaging, and powerful. I highly recommend this service and will happily engage with PunchSlide Design to show up at my best for every live or virtual presentation."​


Get Known to Get Paid Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Podcast GUESTING Success Expert, Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook Creator

"PunchSlide Design prepared a robust, complex slideshow for me that met my highest expectations. They responded quickly to my inquiry with a quote. They followed my instructions well. Their first draft was close to “finished.” And they willingly made the few revisions I requested—to complete the project on deadline. The final slideshow looks great. I’ll definitely use them again."


CEO/Founder of
Booher Research Institute, Best-Selling Author, Communication Expert

“I was so pleased with the slide deck design by PunchSlide Design. As a public speaker, author, coach and media host, my materials are the first impression for global clients and essential for my business success. PunchSlide Design creates compelling and informative presentations that appeal to my audience.
​I am incredibly impressed and recommend them highly!”


Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Media Host

“PunchSlide Design took my presentation to good to great! I get raving comments on how nice it is, and I’m proud to have it running as part of my presentations.
​ I 100% recommend their services!”

​Rhonda Scharf

Professional Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

"I am a Keynote speaker all over the world on customer loyalty. PunchSlide Design represents the best in customer service. Their work is creative and compelling. They make the experience of converting your ideas into over-the-top slides one that is effortless and exciting. I highly recommend their work!”


Customer Loyalty Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

"PunchSlide Design changed my presentation life. I do many slide presentations all over the world. The quality, professionalism ​and commitment of PunchSlide design has made an amazing difference. ​I highly recommend them to anyone who does slide presentations."

​Richard Barrett

​Founder of Barrett Values Centre

"Stunning—one of the best and most engaging presentations I have delivered! PunchSlide Design brought a high level of creativity to my content and turned it into great visual stories. They are great and deliver as promised, I HIGHLY recommend!”

Darryl Davis

​Motivational Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author

“When I’m on stage, my slides are my partner. They can make me look good…or bad. My new slides are the best partner I’ve had so far. PunchSlide Design creates great decks that help share the message more effectively. And they do it easily and quickly, with great communication and attention to detail. They will take your presentation to the next level!”

David “D. Fish” Fisher

Professional Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Sales Trainer, Social Selling Expert

"Thank you for turning my article into an amazing SlideShare. You did an outstanding job of “punching up” the article and turning it into a
​visually interesting media show!”


Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

“I asked a good friend and speaking legend Jim Cathcart who can help take my visual presentation to the next level. He did not hesitate and said PunchSlide Design. They are a great investment in my future business and would work with them."  

Chip Eichelberger

Motivational Sales Expert and Speaker

“The experience with PunchSlide Design was seamless. Almost as if they knew what I was trying to say better than I knew what I was trying to say. PunchSlide took the time to really dig deep into the messaging I was attempting to deliver and distilled that message into a few high-impact graphics that not only changed how the message was received, it has changed how I think about that message making me a better presenter in the long run. From now on, taking my presentation to PunchSlide Design is a must-do, critical step in my presentation process. Do it.”

Scott Watson

Chief Marketing Officer of The Provident Loan Society of New York

"As a speaker, training professional and author, brand alignment is a critical component in my business. PunchSlide Design understood my needs, created a customized solution, and exceeded my expectations! They designed a dynamic, professional and branded PowerPoint presentation which effectively supports my newest keynote message. Trusting someone to create a unique and powerful message can be difficult, but PunchSlide Design has a creative gift that is impressive."  

Tracy Butz, CSP

Owner of Think Impact Solutions, Speaker, Author, Consultant

“I needed to spruce up my slide deck for an upcoming conference and PunchSlide Design did a fantastic job! With my existing brand design, they transformed my ho-hum deck into a visually stunning presentation. The attendees are going to love! This new slide deck will really help my work stand out at the conference.”

Maria Ross

Founder and Chief Brand Strategist, Red Slice

"If you are looking for stand-out presentations, PunchSlide Design is the way to go."

​Cecilia Gorman

Speaker, Trainer, Career Coach, Certified John Maxwell Leadership Facilitator, Founder of Cecilia Gorman Training Services

“I was blown away. It was not only the brilliant designs that they came up with, but also their professionalism, understanding the work that I do, and fantastic turnaround. Definitely worth partnering with!”


Global Business and Leadership Performance Speaker, Author, and CEO: The Possibility of YOU

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